Our Club is still not legally stablished as an Entity or Public Benefit Institution.

However, and considering by one side the growth registered at every meeting, and by the other side the need of counting with societary quotes, we performed a General Meeting dated June 5, 2001, at our usual meeting place (indicated below), with the objective of electing authorities for a Directive Board. It is necessary to point out that every reachable member of our group was invited to participate, through phone calls, written publications, and also personally.

At this General Meeting, our first Directive Board was postulated and consequently elected. Members were elected as follows :


   President : Jorge Lizardo,

   Vice-president : Ernesto Parodi 

   Secretary : Darío Dolfi

   Treasure Manager : Héctor Licciardello

   Vocals : Juan Carlos Alvarez Ponti

                   Jorge Fontenla

                   Rubén Antinolfi

   Account auditors : Francisco De Marco

                                      Alfredo Cazaubón


Our election of authorities is an important step on the way we have projected through our regularization as a Legal Institution.


During our meeting of June 2002, the decision to join the Federation of Historic Car Clubs of Argentina (FACAH) was taken . This was another important step towards our official recognision as an Entity.


Our Club has a specific place for its social activities. Our regular Directive Board Meetings are performed every last Tuesday of each month at Avenida Larrazábal 659 (Garage), Liniers, Ciudad de Buenos Aires.


Meetings begin approx. 20:30 - 21:00, and finish... We don't know when. We keep on waiting you. Your proposals will always be welcome. 

The Scooter and Microcar Club of Argentina


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