C.A.S.Y.M. is the Scooter and Microcar Club of Argentina. It joins the owners and enthusiasts of microcars (vehicles with less engine displacement than 1000 cm³) which were manufactured more than 30 years ago, and antique scooters. As its name explains by itself, it's not dedicated to a specific brand, in that way we intend to convocate a wide series of vehicles which otherwise wouldn't be strong enough to constitute a Club by itselves due to their reduced presence in our country.

Among micro and minicars, or microcoupés, we can count : BMW Isetta, BMW / De Carlo 600, BMW / De Carlo 700, Messerschmitt, Heinkel, Bambi, Isard, NSU, Dinarg, Fiat, Renault, Alcre, Citroën, Joseso, and others with 1000 cm3 or less engine displacement.

The following scooters are welcome : Vespa, Rumi, Siambretta, Lambretta, Iso, Puch, Paperino, Mobilette, Cucciolo, Piaggio and scooters with manufacturing date prior to 1969 – 1970.

Although the above characteristics are well - defined, rules to be part of the Club are much less restrictive, as we usually include several units from 70's and beginnings of the 80's, such as the Japanese microcars of the period 1979 – 1982. VW Beetle, Auto Union - DKW and Morris Mini are also welcome, although these models have their own Clubs (such as Fiat), for that reason they are invited to our Meetings in character of "Honoured Guests".


Other characteristic of our Club is that we accept vehicles no matter their state, that is to say, since we promote the restoration of the vehicles to their most possible original state, any deteriorated car is considered as a potential jewel. Everybody's welcome.

The Club idea began in 1998, when Jorge Lizardo and Franco de Marco travelled to Störy, Germany, to attend the World's greatest Microcar Event, which takes place biannually ( 2000 edition was also visited by Franco and Jorge).

Once back in our country, and together with Freddy Cazaubón, the third founder, the Club project was born and the first meeting was on June 26, 1998, so we can consider this date as “The Early Beginning”. First approaches, phone calls and advertisements were performed, and finally we could organize our First Meeting at Puerto de Olivos (Provincia de Buenos Aires), on October 4, 1998.


Since then, with an always growing presence, Meetings, Raids and other activities were performed. We usually participate at any Classic Car Show we arre invited. (Please check specific section "Meetings, Raids and other activities" for more detail).


Our proposal is open to any Microcar or Scooter enthusiast who wants to participate. If you are owner of any of the above vehicles (or any other antique scooter, or a car with less than 1000 cm³), or if you are related to an owner, please contact us and we'll inform you accordingly. Our phones are :


- Jorge Lizardo : 4656  - 7960,

- Ernesto Parodi : 4734 – 0758,

- Héctor Licciardello : 4262 – 1957,

-  Juan Carlos Alvarez Ponti : 4765 - 0965 / 4766 - 2842,

- Darío Dolfi : 4129 - 7342,

- Rubén Antinolfi : 4205 - 6779,

- Luis Pasetti : 4641 – 7635


For international phone calls you must add : (54) for Argentina + (11) Area code Buenos Aires before dialing any of the above local numbers.


Our e-mail is : microautos@casym.com.ar


 ... And if you are not an owner of any of these vehicles but  just an enthusiast, there's no difference. You are welcome to our regular meetings.


The Scooter and Microcar Club of Argentina


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