International Trip

Uruguay - Argentina - Chile

Soon you´ll find here the updated raid chronicle

Members of the Friends of Microcars Uruguayan Association  have planned a very difficult challenge : several BMW Isetta driving from Montevideo to Santiago de Chile, through 1774 Km. of continental roads of Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, even driving across the Andes mountains through Las Cuevas (Mendoza).

There are six Uruguayan drivers confirmed until now, who are counting with support from some local sponsors and Microcar Clubs from Argentina (CASYM) and Chile (Isettas Club of Chile).

Isettas Club of Chile will organize a raid which will include driving across the Andes mountains to Mendoza, go and return to Santiago de Chile.  Their raid will be completed with a round trip to Viña del Mar.

Our Scooter and Microcar Club of Argentina will be present as one of our members will participate by starting in Buenos Aires and joining to the Uruguayan convoy at Zárate until ending trip at Santiago (Chile), and it's expected several Isetta owners, also members of CASYM, to meet us at Mendoza. Then Chilean drivers will go back to Santiago together with Uruguayan and Argentinian tripulations.

Some vehicles are almost ready, meanwhile the rest are being repaired as soon as possible in order to comply with the scheduled date of January 7, 2002.  See article on Uruguayan newspaper "El País" , dated Thursday Nov. 22, 2001



Microcars will be brought back by truck.  Arriving Isettas will receive their very deserved rest...

We'll closely follow the alternatives of this International Trip and meanwhile we'll wait another guy from Argentina to join the convoy. Please don't lose your faith...


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