Our Club mainly joins the owners of the following microcars and scooters. We'll later include a link with specific information for each model. 

Picture galleries are available in the Spanish section.

BMW Isetta 300


BMW/De Carlo 600


BMW/De Carlo 700 (Sedan)


BMW/De Carlo 700 (Coupé and Cabriolet)


Glas (Isard) Goggomobil 300 and 400 (Sedan)


Glas (Isard) Goggomobil 300 and 400 (Coupé)

Glas (Isard) T-700 Royal


Heinkel Kabine


Messerschmitt KR 200 / 201


Dinarg D - 200


Fiat Topolino / 500 / 126


Fiat 600


Fiat 770 / 800 (Coupé and Spider)


Fiat Multipla


Bambi (Fuldamobil)


NSU Prinz I, II, III and 30


NSU Sportprinz


De Carlo Minicar






Austin Seven / BMW Dixi


Lioyd 600 / Alexander


Special developments and prototypes




Alcre, Joseso, Fraga, Jerry, Mitzi and others

The following cars are also included as a part of our Club, being present at our meetings in character of "Guests" :

Citroën 2 CV and 3 CV


Japanese Microcars


DKW 1000 S and various versions


Volkswagen Beetle Mini Renault Gordini / Dauphine

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