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This is a list of web sites related with our activities. We invite you to visit them..

In our country, we keep close relationship with our friends from the Auto Union - DKW Club of Argentina and the Argentina Volkswagen Club.

Web page of Auto Union - DKW Club of Argentina Web page of Argentina Volkswagen Club

Internationally, our Club is connected with our Chilean brothers from Isettas Club of Chile and with our Uruguayan brothers from Association Friends of Microcars.

Web page of Isettas Club of Chile e-mail Assoc. Friends of Microcars (Uruguay)

Other sites of interest follow. We have included the most complete or important according to our criteria. Each site itself includes lists of links that well worth a sight.

Link Observations - Comments
Isetta Internet Mark Perkins' web page. Origin England. One of the first Internet sites dedicated to microcars. Lots of very complete information. In English.
Isetta Owners Club of Great Britain Official site. In English. Includes guestbook and bulletin board.
Microcar and Minicar Club of America Official site. In English. 
DWAC - Nederlandse Dwergautoclub Official site of Netherlands Microcar Club. Most text is in Dutch, however some text in English is included.
Rollermobilclub Schweiz Microcar Club of Switzerland. In German.
Terry's Model Cars Microcar scale models, with or without radiocontrol. Ready-to-assemble kits or finished models. In English. Hans Rothkegel's web page. Spares for BMW Isetta, BMW 600 y BMW 700. English and German versions.
The Isetta source Robert Mace's Isetta web page. Complete and well-designed page. In English.
Isettas R' US Werner Schwark's web page. Spares for BMW Isetta, BMW 600 y BMW 700. Site under construction.
Microcar Links Lists of Micocar - related sites. Messerschmitt, Berkeley, Vespa 400, Isetta, Crosley...
Berkeley Enthusiast's Club Origin England. In Engish.
BMW 700 Page dedicated to BMW 700. In French.
Isomillennium Official web site of Iso brand. Dedicated to Rivolta models, Iso scooters and Isetta included. Italian / English / German.
Iso Milano Argentine web site dedicated to Iso Milano / Diva scooter. Complete information, detailed pictures enclosed. In Spanish.
CADEAA Official site of Club Amigos de Automóviles Antiguos (Club of friends of Antique Vehicles) (Argentina). In Spanish. Classic vehicles in general. Activities and events.
CAC Official site of the Club de Automóviles Clásicos de Argentina (Argentina Classic Car Club). Spanish and English versions available. Activities and events.
BMW Club of Argentina Official site for BMW owners. Complete information on BMW cars from the sixties to actuality.
FACAH Official site of the Federation of Historic Car Clubs of Argentina
Chacabuco Old Cars Club Official site. Important collection of classic cars and Hot-Rods from every age.
Ford Taunus Club Official site. General Information and events of this group of fans of this excellent car. All versions are included.


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